Affiliate to Disability Labour

Disability Labour welcomes affiliations from a range of Labour Movement organisations. Affiliation provides an important and public declaration of support for the aims and work of Disability Labour and strengthens our ability to campaign for the rights of disabled people and to provide a platform for disabled people in the Labour Party.

CLPs and Organisations wishing to

affiliate to Disability Labour

should contact our Treasuer,

Jonathan Farr

Affiliation fees are as follows:

  • Labour Clubs, Young Labour groups, CLPs, Socialist Societies, Local Co-ops, Trades Councils and TU branches of 999 or fewer members – £15
  • Labour Clubs, Young Labour groups, CLPs, Socialist Societies, Local Co-ops, Trades Councils and TU branches of 1000 members or more – £30
  • National TUs with under 99,999 members £150
  • National TUs with 100,000 to 999,999 £250
  • National TUs with over £1m members £500

The Disability Labour Executive Committee agreed the above affiliation structure in November 2018

Note of Disability Forums and Branches:

Since the Democracy Review, there are now an increasing number of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) whose Disability Officers are setting up Disability Forums and Branches which can elect Delegates to a CLP General Committee.

This opens up an opportunity to the Disability Forums and branches. If Disability Labour is affiliated to that CLP, the Disability Forum or Branch may have a further five delegates under the Socialist Societies section of CLP delegates, thus strengthening the voice of disabled members within a CLP. 

The usual charge for Socialist Society to affiliate to a CLP is £6.

Note on The Affiliation Process:

If a CLP or Other Organisation is already Affiliated to Disability Labour:

  1. If a CLP/Organisation is already affiliated to Disability Labour the CLP/Organisation Disability Officer should write to the Disability Labour Secretary or Assistant Secretary and state their wish for Disability Labour to affiliate back to that CLP/Organisation and quote the sum of money required and the CLP/Organisation bank details.

  2. The Disability Labour Secretary should request payment from the Treasurer.
  3. Once payment is made the Disability Labour Secretary should write back to the CLP/Organisation Disability Officer confirming payment.
  4. The affiliation information should be added or updated on the Disability Labour database.
  5. It is then the responsibility of the CLP/Organisation Disability Officer to inform the Disability Labour Secretary of the five CLP/Organisation members who will be the Disability Labour delegates to that CLP/Organisation. These people must be Labour Party Members in good standing. Substitutions would not normally be approved during the year.
  6. The five names should usually be automatically approved unless any objections are received.
  7. The Disability Labour Secretary should then write back to the CLP/Organisation Secretary copying in the CLP/Organisation Disability Officer confirming the names.
  8. The CLP/Organisation Disability Officer shall be added to the list of Disability Officers kept by Disability Labour to ensure they receive appropriate Disability Labour mailings.

If a CLP or Other Organisation is not already Affiliated with Disability Labour:

If a CLP/Organisation is not already affiliated then the requests for affiliation from the CLP/Organisation and from Disability Labour should be made at the same time. This will allow for a single bank payment to be made taking account both affiliation fees. The Process is the same as above from point 3