Statement – Labour Party Internal Disability Structures

Dear Members and Supporters

The Disability Labour executive was made aware of an article published to Labour List by Elliott Chappell on Monday 28/11. We felt it was important to clarify our position.

The article reported that the future of an internal Labour Party disability structure is now in jeopardy and was being discussed at the National Executive Committee (NEC) today, Tuesday 29th.  It reported that the disability conference and a disability event may also have been cancelled as too expensive.

An earlier article reported the possibility of Labour wanting to revamp the democratic structure of Disability Labour.  It is important to remember Disability Labour(DL) is an affiliated social society and its structure is decided by the members.

We have not been involved in any discussions with the Labour Party with regard to these proposed changes. The DL executive were unaware of these discussions until after our AGM took place on Sunday. Had we been given advanced notice; we would have added a discussion to the AGM agenda.

We felt it was important to inform the membership as soon as possible and we will update you as soon as we can confirm the information that has been reported. 

Kind regards

The Disability Labour Executive Committee

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