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Welcome to the Disability Labour Forum

This is the official discussion forum for members of Disability Labour. All members must read the information below, by using our discussion forum to agree to adhere to the information and codes of conduct on this page.

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Guidance For Use of Our Discussion Forum

When you post, please try to use an existing topic or thread. We have a range of them and will add more as needed. If you can’t see an appropriate topic for your post, only then should a new topic be added and requested from the administrators or moderators. All new topics are moderated.

Please try not to use abbreviations or acronyms unless they are obvious, people who are new to the Party will find these difficult to understand!

If you post memes or images, please type in a description of what your posting.

Full membership is free to all disabled Labour Party members and informal carers who are Labour Party members.  If you know of anyone else who should be a member of Disability Labour please direct them to our joining page:

Members can access any information we hold upon them in our membership database. Please email Dave Townsend at dave.vicechair@disabilitylabour.org.uk should you wish to be sent a copy of your data.
Everyone here agrees to respect members views without being rude or disruptive. Language should be comradely and disagreements should be polite and not descend into abuse. 

We expect members to abide by the Labour Party’s Member’s pledge:

  • In joining the party, every member agrees to our Member’s Pledge
  • Members agree to act within the spirit and rules of the Labour Party, which can be read in full in our rule book, and our codes of conduct,
  • These rights and responsibilities are of the utmost importance and are reviewed regularly by the NEC; the Labour Party’s ruling body.

We expect all members to adhere to the Labour Party Social Media Policy; which can be found here: https://labour.org.uk/members/my-welfare/my-rights-and-responsibilities/coc-social-media/

We expect all members to adhere to The Labour Party’s Safeguarding Code of Conduct; which can be found here: https://labour.org.uk/safeguarding-coc/

The use of our Discussion Forum is a privaledge, not a right, anymember failing to adhere to the conduct expected from a Labour Party member will be subject to intervention by the Disabilty Labour Executive Committee, our website admins, and forum moderators.

We have a 3 strike rule of being suspended or removed from this group. Suspension and the giving of a warning will require the agreement of 3 Executive Committee Members.

  1. First time; 1st formal warning 24-hour suspension,
  2. Second time; 2nd formal warning and 7 day’s suspension,
  3. Third time; Final Warning and 30 day’s suspension. The Member will be referred to the Exec Committee for possible further action (including but not limited to permanent suspension from the forum and/or disciplinary action which may result in suspension of membership from Disability Labour) and potentially a formal report to The Labour Party Compliance Unit.

If you would like to make a donation to us, contact kathy.vicechair@disabilitylabour.org.uk.

The Forum is administered by the elected members of the Executive Committee of Disability Labour. Our email addresses are on the website www.disabilitylabour.org.uk. We are:

Co-Chair – Wayne Blackburn

Co-Chair – Fran Springfield

Vice Chair/Treasurer – Kathy Bole

Vice Chair/Membership – Dave Townsend

Secretary – Simon Lydiard

Assistant Secretary – Lorraine Harding

Mick O’Neil-Duff

Nico Pollen

Anne Pridmore

Barb Roberts

Martyn Shrewsbury

Helen Whitehead